Our Owner and Content Creator is Mrs. Joanne Guiste from the island of Dominica.

Joanne is a wife, mother, daughter and friend and has a passion for writing and creating and she has made this passion into an all inclusive brand.

This blog was created as part of MumNatural Inc. in order to afford an avenue to share the passion for writing and to reach out to and inspire all who will visit and read our posts.

Our owner has devoted the brand to cater to Natural Hair Care, Motivation, Lifestyle, Health and Beauty enthusiasts and also those interested in everyday news and matters that go on as well.

The name MumNatural was chosen for this journey because as a Mum and lover of all things natural combining the two made the name all inclusive and fitting to all aspects of life.

Be sure to send your requests or questions on areas you wish to see on the blog and leave your comments.

Don’t forget to like, share and follow for notifications on posts.

You can also click any of the links to our social media pages or send us an e-mail at mumnatural@gmail.com.

Happy reading!



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