Hey Loves,

When I decided I wanted to start blogging and putting out content on YouTube, I always wanted it to be an all inclusive brand. Inclusive of all my loves which go wayyyy beyond my natural hair. Over the past year or so I have found myself focusing soooo much on natural hair that I had gotten to almost being a “natural hair blogger/YouTuber”. And if I’m being honest I had gotten to the point where I no longer enjoyed creating content because it was not everything I wanted to do.

But over the past two weeks I have been making a few changes to my channel and a few of the changes will be made here as well. Part of that was inclusing a Home and Garden segment of the channel which will allow for me to share content on cooking, gardening, diy’s and so many other things I am passionate about.

Today I share with you all how my husband makes his organic fertilizer which we use in all our crops.

Hope you enjoy and please comment so we can know your thoughts.

Until Next Time Lovies,


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