He must become greater; I must become less. John 3:30

That morning I woke up and felt extremely blessed to be given the gift of a new day.. A new opportunity to live a life pleasing to God.

But in the midst of that I found myself thinking back.. Thinking back to the weeks and months which were difficult and made things tough to handle.

From false accusations at work, to scrutiny over sharing a personal experience, to the everyday financial issues that comes with the country I live in.

But even in those moments I found myself thinking more of God’s awesome power in my life and how amazing His grace has been to me.

Often times we tend to think so much of others and what they think of us or how they see us that we lose sight of what’s important.

Something happened at work and I was fed up. I felt the the need to be transferred to another department thinking it would make me feel better because I had gotten to my “last straw” with the attitudes of some of the people in the area where I was. But after my request was granted and I stayed in that other position for three months I realized that I actually was losing more than I was gaining. I found myself working longer hours and on weekends and holidays which in turn meant that I spent more time feeling tired and less time doing things for myself.

So though I felt that my move was intended to have me return to the previous position I was actually really happy to return–I found the feeling strange too. But I realized that all I had to do was just let go – let go and let God. I was no longer going to allow anyone to make me feel angry or make me feel annoyed. I was going to do what I needed to do and forget all else.

I was going to make it more about me in God and less of “them” . Because I realized that while I walked in faith and in my Christianity wherever I went I did not allow myself to let go fully at work and sometimes had the tendency to judge the ethics of others and the way they behaved. And it was not my job to do so. Each one answers to their own faults and failings and I am not “authorized” to judge because only God can do so.

And the freedom that letting go gives has been soooooo refreshing and amazingly beautiful and feels like a new journey in my faith. After all faith tells us that we should Forward All our Issues To Heaven… And in forwarding all those issues we just let go and know that all will be well. God is greater and I must become less in order to continue in following the path He has paved for me.

So as I continue on my faith journey I remember that it is and always will be…

More of me in Him and Less of them

Until Next Times Lovies,


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