For those of you who follow me on YouTube, you would have already noticed that this year we have decided to take on Family Adventures in order to Rediscover Dominica post Hurricane Maria. The devastating effects of the Hurricane left a few of our sites destroyed but we are still able to enjoy these adventures because of the many options that Dominica provides and the many attractions it beholds to discover.

So today let’s rediscover the Syndicate Falls.

The Syndicate Waterfall is located on the Morne Diablotin mountain which forms part of the Waitukubli National Trail. The mountain is nestled near the community of Dublanc which is in close proximity to the town of Portsmouth.

Taking a right from the village on the incline up the mountain, the drive provides beautiful scenery of a blanket of forests which seems to be putting back its clothing after Maria

The trail saw us crossing the cold water which streamed down from the fall

Getting to the start of the trail to the Falls we began our hike. The hike takes about ten minutes walking at medium pace and provided beautiful views and a chance to see some of the fauna that the area treasured .

The hike gave the opportunity to dip our feet in the cold waters that run from the falls providing a beautiful stream along the way.

Getting to the Falls and seeing its Majestic water flowing from the rocks was breath taking

So if you were to visit Dominica someday, be sure to include the syndicate falls on your list of places to visit.

Until Next Time Lovies


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