When I made the decision to start this blog I was so excited. Excited because I was on a journey to combine a few things that I loved – writing, media, hair care, lifestyle, and my passion for helping people. Then along the way I lost that. I had lost the time spent writing and just putting down content that I wanted to share. I lost the passion to just put my fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper and just let them do the talking. I lost the time that I had once so devoted to just doing something I wanted and something that I loved. I had put everything and the needs of everyone before my own personal needs and time to just unwind and do what I love.

Writing had always been an avenue to help me unwind, relax and “breathe” at the end of every day. It provided a sense of calm and peace that not many of my other hobbies were able to do, and are still not able to do. Writing provided a way to keep my brain stimulated and “alive”. And it allowed a way for me to clear my thoughts and put them into “pieces” that I am able to share to all who wanted to read. But I lost that along the way.

But this morning my mind came to my blog. And suddenly I felt the urge to write. I had neglected this passion for so long that I had to scroll through my previous posts so that I could remind myself of what I had already done on here – sad, I know. But my mind may be up to something. It’s a new day and the opportunity for a fresh start. An opportunity to restart and rekindle my passion for writing and for this blog.

So in the spirit of new, over the next few days I will be redesigning the site and revamping, you know – a fresh start. I can’t promise that I will be posting everyday, but there is so much that I would like to share and post. I have found a new passion for photography so that will make up a huge part of the blog going forward. My passion for natural hair still stands and there is so much that I needed to share that I have not written about so that will be included, most definitely. Now if you know me well, you will know that I love food and I love wines hahaha… so those areas are going to now form a major part of the blog. And not forgetting the everyday lifestyle, travel and adventure stuff.

So it’s a new day !! And we are ready to go at it and make this blog what I want it to be.

Until Next Time Lovies


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