As naturals, we are always looking for various ways to “protect” our hair. Protecting our hair means keeping not just out ends tucked away, but keeping all our strands safe from the elements which make them dry and brittle.

Protective styles have, over the years, graduated from simple buns, twists and braids to exquisite twisted and braided styles to crochet braids and faux locs and the likes. But that which is meant to “protect” does more harm than good when they are not properly installed or may be installed too tight therefore putting more strain on our strands and scalp.

Mini Twists have been my number one protective style from even my “before relaxer” days. They take me a lifetime to install 😂😂… but when done they make for a beautiful style to keep my hands out of my hair and keep my strands protcted from the harsh elements that cause damage.

Simply installing the twists, though, is not all it takes to make this style fully protective. Wearing them out constantly causes them to rub against the clothing worn thereby causing friction on the strands which in turn causes damage.

But sometimes styling them can be hard when you are not sure how to style a style. But during the past month of wearing mini twists I have tried a few styles, apart from keeping them down, and I share them with you today.

Hope it gives some inspiration on various ways that mini twists can be styled and hope you get an opportunity to try some of them.

Too see more of these styles, and more, and to see how I did them you can click on the video below to view.

Do you wear mini twists? How do you style them when you have them in? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies


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