As naturals we are always searching for products that will bring out the best in our hair and allow it to thrive. But often times, those products can be made right there in the comfort of our homes.

I had always heard about bentonite clay and it’s wonderful benefits but had not gotten around to trying it because the availability of many of these commodities in my country is nil. And the ordering process is stressing. But I finally decided to order and get my hands on the aztec brand clay so that I could give it a try. And I loved it.

To list a few of the benefits of bentonite clay :

* Cleanses hair by removing product build up without stripping it of essential oil

* Clarifies hair by drawing out dirt, toxins, and impurities

* Conditions and moisturizes the hair

* Imparts shine and softness

* Increases curl definition

* Heals scalp conditions such as eczema

Now let me tell you… when I used this clay mask I felt like my hair was breathing and that it had opened up to absorb all the moisture I was wiling to give it. It made my hair so soft and shiny and the definition of my kinks was just amazing.

For the full recipe for this mask and how I apply it click on the link below to view.

Have any of you tried bentonite clay on your hair? what has been your experience? Let us know in the comments section below

Until Next Time Lovies


Author: MumNatural

On a Journey to be the best version of me that I can be. Embracing the natural in and around me and bringing hope to all who need it.

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