My husband has always loved the soil… He loves preparing the beds, getting the soil prepared and planting. Because he loves growing what we eat. I, however, love harvesting hahaha…

But post Hurricane Maria I realized that His passion for the soil made it so easy to cope with the struggles that were faced in the first few weeks. We enjoyed sweetsops, sugarcane, cucumbers and limes when so many were lost. Few weeks after we were harvesting tomatoes because he had planted some in order to provide vegetables for us during the periods of unavailability.

So today when he decided to put together some soil in order to grow some seasonings I was on board in helping. I had seen the benefits first hand of growing what we eat because we really never know when a shortage can happen or when I disaster can force us into not having the things we love and enjoy.

In the past few weeks we have harvested sweet peppers, cabbages, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers to name a few.  Now I love vegetables, so I very much enjoy harvesting those crops.

It has become a means of survival to get into growing what we eat because the rising costs of purchasing these items are becoming more and more ridiculous.  Not forgetting the scarcity of quite a few crops.  So some green seasonings in pots and vegetable on the beds are a good way to start.  And I am really loving the harvest and that makes the hard work so worthwhile.


What about you guys,  do any of you have a home garden? What crops do you grow?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies


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