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It’s 9:43 and we are now home and settled after a long day.  We had not been to see my husband’s dad in a long time so we took the hour long drive to go see him and some other relatives in that area.

The drive was needed to say the least.  Just  a nice long drive to calm our spirits and set the tone for the work week ahead.  We should definitely do this more often.

There was this one piece of road that was so captivating.  Though the trees were pretty much naked, they created a path which made that drive even more enjoyable and relaxing


I could not help but notice, though, that there were still so many houses still without roofs after the hurricane.  And there was that one area that was filled with the scraps of galvanize that had been blown away by the Hurricane.


But I did see something that lifted my spirits.  An area with a few banana trees.  And I felt like ok yesss… we will have bananas soon and very soon.


I have this constant fear that the 2018 hurricane season is going to get here and greet the region, with our country still in a state of recovery with a large percentage being unable to make repairs to their homes.  I just keep praying that we are spared from any form of natural disaster during the upcoming season.

But all in all today was a good day.  It was good time spent with family and we all enjoyed it.

How was your Sunday?  Let us know in the comments section below.


Until Next Time Lovies




  1. I should watch the news more often, is this in the Dominican?


  2. Oh, it’s Dominica not Dominican Republic right?
    Didn’t know there was a hurricane


  3. Beautiful story… Glad you’re enjoying nature dear..

    Check out my new post.. Its on top tips to help you have a great date evening..


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