Time and time again we keep saying the phrase “life is not a bed of roses”.  But why do we say that? 

The expression Bed of Roses is an English expression, which refers to a bed of roses prepared by Clytemnestra for her husband Agamemnon, who had returned from the Trojan War, to deceive and kill him while he was laying relaxed or in some sources he was pierced and killed by thorns of roses (wikipedia). 

And that write up right there is why I keep saying that life is indeed a bed of roses.

But I look at it like this . . .

Every rose that you come across has thorns.  Those thorns represent the hardships one has to go through in life.  Just think of us standing at the base of the stem of a rose looking up.  The rose is the destination we want to get to where we will  reach our goal.  But in order to get to that rose we have to face the thorns.  We have to climb through the stem using one thorn at a time.  And the more we climb, the more thorns we will see.  Those thorns will either push us further up or prick us and have us fall behind. 

But in falling back the only way to go from there is forward.  So we have to continue to use those thorns as steps to reach our goal.  We may have to climb through them from side to side or in various patterns but we use them as the steps to get to our goal.  Realizing that we are getting stronger with every thorn that may scratch, bruise, or pierce through our flesh – because we use the hardships to make us stronger.

So to me life is a bed of roses.  The rose is the destination and the thorns the journey.  The journey will not always be easy but we keep in mind that we have our eyes set on that goal so we push through no matter what.  We use each of those hardships to our benefit and keep going forward.

What are your views?  I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies




2 comments on “LIFE IS A BED OF ROSES

  1. You’re right gal.. I agree completely.. I wonder why they say life isn’t a bird if roses😉


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