Now almost every natural hair girl would know that apart from wash day one of the most dreaded “tasks” in our hair care routine is moisturizing.  I have had my days when I just could not deal with it because it takes so long.  And what makes me dread it more is that I am sometimes already so tired from work that I just can’t face, not even half hour, moisturizing my hair.  But choosing to not moisturize our strands does come with consequences.

I have gotten up in the morning to dry, hard and brittle hair because I decided to just “let it be” the night before.  And when I go one night without moisturizing the laziness sets in for an entire week and before I know it, I am at wash day looking at a tangled and frizzy “mop head”.  And to be honest I dread seeing my hair like that on wash days more than I dread moisturizing.  Because when it gets to that point the shedding is worse while washing, making me of course a bit concerned, but detangling in that state is an unnecessarily long but needed task because of how tangled the hair had become.  I never learn !!  I keep saying I will not let my hair get to that point but alas alas… laziness sets in way too often.

So let’s face it… our hair needs moisture in order to thrive and we have no choice but to give it what it needs.  In the first months after my big chop I loved that I could wet my hair everyday and just throw on some petroleum jelly and castor oil mix and know that my hair was “good to go”.  It was very short then.  But not so much anymore.  Now I have to put in the extra time.  But in learning my hair and what works for me, there are some things, or “techniques” if you will, that I have done in order to keep my hair moisturized.  And on the days I decide to not be lazy they work very well.

Find the best products for your hair – with so many options out there, this can be a very difficult task.  But once you find what works for you stick to it.  Always ensure that those products include a cream, oils, butter or grease – yes grease- that helps with keeping your hair moisturized.  The “science” of hair tells us that grease or petroleum jelly is not good for our hair, but I have found that when I apply my petroleum jelly and castor mix to my hair it feels super soft and manageable.  So there are days I just spritz my hair with conditioner water and apply the mix and I am done.

The L.O.C method – this method is nothing new to most of you.  But it is one method to moisturize hair and involves the order in which products are put into the hair in order to maintain highest level of moisture.  A leave in, and oil and a cream.  My oil of choice in this process is always my home made castor oil because I have found that it seals the leave in conditioner into my strands.  Then I would add my diy shea and cocoa butter cream or a store bought cream of choice to add some extra moisture and shine.

Styling – Now I love styling my hair.  I think I am one of those naturals who suffer from “hand in hair syndrome” hahaha.  But depending on the style I wear, it deters me from moisturizing or does not give me the opportunity to moisturize.  So I am always mindful when styling to ensure my strands are well moisturized or style in a way that allows me to put in moisture even while styled.  I have found that twists are a good way to keep the hair retaining moisture and makes re-moisturizing very easy.

I have found that in doing these I don’t have to go through the task of moisturizing every day.  Sometimes I go two to three days without needing to do a full moisturizing session.  Sometimes I just spritz the hair a bit to reactivate the products and it’s good to go.

But we cant refute the fact that our hair needs the additional moisture in order to thrive.  Moisturizing keeps it from being dry, brittle, lifeless and dull.  So while we may not want to face it at times, it is for the benefit to our strands.

How difficult is moisturizing for you?  Do you moisturize regularly?  Let us know in the comments section below

Until Next Time Lovies



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