I found myself scrolling through my blog last night just looking through the topics and areas I have shared on since I started.  In going through those posts it dawned on me that I started the blog since 2015 – yes 2015.  I remember wanting to start a blog much sooner but had held off on it for whatever reason I can’t remember but I am sure procrastination was the major factor *face palm*.  But after tropical storm Erika hit our island I thought it may have been the right time to start in order to bring some form of inspiration or motivation to those who would read what I write.

But starting a blog meant I had to come up with a name and decide on a what website I would choose in order to host.  So I sat with my little ones and we decided on a name.  We chose MumNatural and it was a suited name because I was just about a year into my natural hair journey and I had gotten into sharing so much about my hair that I knew my hair journey would have to be included in what I write.

But I remember starting my blog like it was yesterday.  I decided on WordPress as my platform because I had seen many great reviews and the format makes for easy managing.  I remember how nervous I was to share my first post because I kept asking myself – “would people read what I write?” “would they like what I write?” and so many other thoughts and questions kept rushing through my mind.  But I still decided on doing it because I had already put it off for way too long.  And so I wrote my first post which was my welcome.  Then I shared my first real post – a poem about Dominica – and people read.  

Almost three years later, since I began, and my blog has grown into a .com site and I have gained more views than I would have hoped for.  I started blogging so that I could be an inspiration and to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud, but the support I constantly get from my readers gives me motivation to keep going.  Because it means that I have touched someone out there and, thus, the purpose for my writing and sharing is achieved.

So while scrolling last night, I really could not help but have a constant smile because remembering where I started and how far I have come I felt humbled and satisfied to have accomplished so much.  And when I looked at the analytics for the lifetime of my blog, people are reading.  So that fear I initially had is no more.

Whenever you put your mind to something you can achieve it.  It’s just like Napoleon Hill said . . .

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

So I want to say a huge thank you once again to all my readers.  To all of you who continue to inspire me to write, thank you.  And to the person who may be reading this and still feel a bit unsure that they should start that blog – go ahead and get started.  Starting is the first step and all the other steps fall in line after that.

What about you who have already created your blog?  How has the journey been?  and what was your biggest fear in starting your blog?  Let us know in the comments section below.


Until Next Time Lovies




Author: MumNatural

On a Journey to be the best version of me that I can be. Embracing the natural in and around me and bringing hope to all who need it.

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