While watching an episode of a series my attention was caught by a conversation between a man and woman while sitting in a church…

Guy- So do you believe it’s true?

Woman – that God delivers us from our troubles?

Guy – Yes

Woman – That He does. He expects us to do our part but he is there to help us over the finish line.. sometimes what we want and what we need are not the same.

As we go through holy week and approaching the end of this year’s Lenten season those words sing so true. So often we ask God to help us but forget that we need to put in some effort as well. I remember growing up I would hear older folks say all the time “God helps those who helps themselves”… it is as I got older I started to truly understand what that meant. It’s like “praying” for peace but continuing to encourage hate, anger and war.

This week gives us time to focus and reflect on the many ways that God has lead us into the delivery from our burdens. And sometimes it happens in need and not necessarily in ways we want. So we should always just try to recognize those times when God pushes us over that finish line in order to claim victory for us.

So as we go through this week, and beyond, we reflect on all the finish lines we were able to cross because He has always been there every step of the way.

Have a prayerful week Loves


Until Next Time



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