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It has become so much easier to style Renata’s hair for our hairstyle Fridays feature than it is to style mine. The very dusty and dry conditions at work leave my feeling dry and brittle all week that it makes it so tiring to face it at nights when I get home from work 😩.. so all week I had it out in a huge puff or an afro so it actually smells like dust 😒.. so I settled on a fro hawk today and just moved on.

However, today Renata’s hair is beautifully styled in a bun and faux bangs style. I did a tuck and pin to add more volume to her bun and used mini twists to create a faux bangs look

Her hair is growing so nicely and is getting thicker and styling her hair is becoming more fun so I spend more time on it than I do on mine. And as we take on our growth journey I look to trying so many more styles and new things in her hair to keep it healthy and retain its length.

Do have a Blessed and Fabulous Friday and a Wonderful Weekend.

Until Next Time Lovies



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