I love music.

And my favourite genre may very likely be reggae.  The music just always has such a cool and chill  vibe to it and the message in most is always so positive.

Now as a Caribbean girl we grew up on reggae so I don’t think it’s surprising that the genre has stayed with me for so many years.

So today I share with you all my top ten Reggae Artists of all time 

10.  Gregory Issacs – The night nurse guy hahaha.  I grew up hearing his music and he is  one of those artists with that smooth kind of voice that just sets the cool reggae tone

9.  Maxi Priest – Wild world… I can hear that song playing even now just typing this post

8.  Jah Cure – I admire his perseverance.  He had his troubles with the law but that did not deter him from producing music and being a great artist

7.  Luciano – “Man was made to serve jah” – that has got be my favourite song of his.  I love his voice and his music

6.  Buju Banton – There is just something about the little “roughness” in his voice.  It brings out his lyrics and music very well and his music keeps on going years after it was released

5.  Jimmy Cliff – I grew up hearing music from Jimmy.  I think one of his most popular songs has got to be “I can see clearly now”.  His music has that smooth feel to it that I just love

4.  Nasio Fontaine – This guy is our very own local Bob Marley.  Nasio is a Dominican and he happens to be one of the best in the region (I think)

3.  Beres Hammond – This guy is just so smooth and cool.  His voice has that something to it that just makes you listen to him over and over again.  Plus his music is totally awesome

2.  Sizzla – Kalonji !!!  I love me some Sizzla.  I particularly prefer his old time tracks especially those from the “Black Woman and Child” album.  I think that has got be my favourite album of his

1.  Bob Marley – I mean who else right??? the legendary Bob Marley.  His death came before I knew him but his music lives on even today and he still is my all time favourite reggae artist.

So there you have it.  My favourite reggae artists of all time.  There are soo many other artists that I love out there but I think these ten take the top.  I listen to their music over and over and  it has stuck with me.

Are there any other reggae artists you like?  Let us know in the comments section below

Until Next Time Lovies



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