Yesterday marked exactly six months since the passage of Hurricane Maria.  But today it felt more real than it felt yesterday because it happened on a Monday.  I still remember those howling winds and those heavy rains.  Hearing the branches on the trees cracking and seeing water pass through every crack and flooding the house.  That must have been the longest night I ever had to experience.

But with all that we had to face there are so many lessons that I learnt from the hurricane.  Some of them I am still learning today – six months later.  So today I share five of those lessons with you.

Don’t Procrastinate – there are so many things I wanted to do and kept putting them off and after it got more difficult to achieve them after Maria I wished that I had gone through with getting them done.  There were even documents I needed to put away and kept looking at them thinking I will do so tomorrow – and they got wet during the flooding and were lost.

Always say I Love You to the ones you love – this is something I try my best to do all the time but sometimes fall short in how much I would want to do it.  I always remember that song by country singer Garth Brookes “If tomorrow never comes” when thinking of this lesson.  We never know what may happen so say today everything we want to. 

Never take anything for granted – so often when we have full access to the banks, the supermarkets, the food, the water, the electricity, we never stop to think how fortunate we are and how easily it can all be taken away.  Those little things that we missed after the hurricane some people are without it for years so we should never take anything for granted because we never know when we will lose it.

Stop existing and start living – Life was given to us to be lived.  While we don’t go beyond and fall prey to harmful or dangerous activities we should live life to the full – and that includes spiritually as well.  Too often we work hard but fail to enjoy the fruits of our labour.  Go out with family and friends.  Go on a date with your spouse.  Spend some quality family time.  Travel.  Like people say these days “Live before you leave”.

People choose their actions – I can honestly say that I was really surprised and a bit concerned about the actions I heard of following the hurricane.  But at the end of the day people choose how they want to react or behave in a particular situation.  And some situations bring out the worst or the best in a person.  So I had to learn, and am still learning, that not everyone will act the same way to a particular situation and we have to accept that.

The past six months have been tough to say the least.  We have been working under “unfriendly” conditions and most people are in constant fear whenever it rains.  Added to that there are still so many houses that still remain uncovered today for a number of reasons.  But we are in the process of healing as a people and as a nation.  There is such a long way to go in order to get back to some from of normalcy but we will get there.

I ask that you all continue to keep us, and all other countries that have suffered loss and damage as a result of natural disasters, in your prayers.

Until Next Time Lovies



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