Some of you may look at the title of this post and be like whaaaattttt?!… what is she talking about?? But fear not (pun intended☺) I am about to tell you.

More and more I am realizing that we have become a fearful society. We fear walking alone because we may get robbed… we fear buying that beautiful piece of jewelry we like because it may get snatched from us… we fear leaving our homes for long hours because we are uncertain it is safe… we fear being ourselves because we may be ridiculed for it… we fear speaking out for what is right because we may be victimized for it… we fear standing up for what we believe in because we may be crucified for it. We have become a fearful people… a fearful nation.

But one of the things I have learnt in my growth journey is that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. We have to remind ourselves that we were given the beautiful gift of free will and when we allow fear to take over that gift we cause others to control and dictate our actions. Now I don’t know about you, but I love being able to decide for myself what is wrong and what is right. And I love being able to fight for what is right and good and not be told that I shouldn’t.

We can’t deny, however, that overcoming fear is not always the easiest of paths. But why not use f.e.a.r to overcome fear?

Face Everything And Rise

It is in facing our fears that we are able to rise above them. It is in facing temptation that we are able to resist it. It is in facing hard times that we are able to find the good times. It is in facing everything that life throws at us we are able to rise above it all.

We rise against victimization, against persecution, against bad relationships, against hate, against anger, against it all. .. We Face it all and we Rise.

So the next time someone tries to instil fear in you say to them “I am Fearless and I am strong and I Face Everything And Rise.”

I Rise up like the waves and rise up inspite of the pain and I will do it a thousand times again.


Until Next Time Lovies



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