Some time last year I had intended on doing a hair growth challenge.  But that challenge would have incorporated using Ayurveda in order to gain and retain length.  I had actually recorded a video with the plan I had for that challenge.  I had even shared my rosemary and fenugreek hair mist diy as well.  I was excited to start this challenge but the difficulties post maria made it impossible to continue.

But one of the things I always wanted to try as part of the ayurvedic regimen was the growth oil that Curly Proverbz shared on her channel.  Her hair is super super gorgeous and she swears by this oil.  And there has been reviews from quite a few people who have tried the oil as well and were very pleased.  So I recently purchased all the items needed in order to get my oil done, and I am excited to finally get to try it.

Now, of course, making this oil means I will be undertaking a hair growth challenge this year.  Well my daughter and I that is.  So stay tuned for a length check as well as updates on the hair growth challenge.

The castor oil is missing in action from the photo below but our home made castor oil was definitely added to this growth oil.



This is what it looks like with everything all mixed in.


To see the full details on how to make this oil, see the link below for Curly Proverbz video.


Have any of you tried this hair growth oil?  If so, how did it work for you? Let us know in the comments section below.


Until Next Time Lovies



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  1. Lol I was just in the middle of editing a similar blog post just when I saw yours (however mine will be up by the end of the month). I have been using this, and it has helped so much with my scalp issues, it’s a great oil and I will continue to use it along side the DIY hair gloss. Hopefully you’ll get great results with yours too! 😊

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