Last night I was exhausted… I got home after work and I felt soooo wiped out. And I could not have faced the computer. I was physically and mentally drained and no words were coming to my mind.. my thoughts were moving but no structured sentences or posts could have been formed.

I think I have for the past few weeks been doing so much that I got to the point I was just tired. Tired not just from what I do but from the thoughts and concerns for my country and it’s progress, or lack of it.

The blogging have helped so much in settling my thoughts and staying positive. But we had some conversations yesterday that just reminded me of the situation and had my thoughts going again. So last night was maybe just my day to rest. But in that rest mode I may have slept wayyyy too much because I woke up today feeling like a zombie hahaha

But anyway. . . This will be a late late post for March 12 because there is another post I already planed to share for today which features some comedy.. so stay tuned for that in a bit.

Until Next Time Lovies




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