There are soooooo many television series out there with so many different story lines.  From superhero to drama to mystery to investigative – you name it.  We hardly get to see half of those series here because the television networks are not always available or provided by the local cable companies…  So we venture online to view majority of the series that we enjoy.

Now this list is a long one since I have been introduced to quite a few of them following the passage of Maria.  In the absence of cable we go online to view the series that we were already accustomed to and discovered new ones that have added great family and watch time to our list… So in the interest of not making this post too long I will cut the list to my top 10 favourite TV Series.

Here goes . . . 

10.  Black Lightening – This show is fairly new and only a few episodes have already been aired but so far it seems to be a pretty interesting and attention grabbing series so I look forward to what it has to offer

9. Game of Thrones – Now while this show is not new, I have never been part of the hype around  it.  It was only before Maria I decided to binge watch because a coworker had convinced me of how awesome it was.  I still have quite a bit of binging to do in order to catch up before the final season but as soon as electricity and internet comes back on I shall re-start

8.  The Runaways – This series is fairly new as well and just completing it’s first season.  I really liked the story and hoping that season two lives up to the intro season

7.  The Gifted – This series takes me back to x-men in their young days.  A new series also just completing it’s first season and already signed for a second season sees the new “gifted” taking over from where the X-Men left off

6.  NCIS – Now I love a good investigative series.  And with Gibbs in this one, it keeps me coming back.. so much so that I sometimes just binge on episodes that I have already seen just so that I watch an episode haha weird I know

5.  Legends of Tomorrow – Who does like the idea of time travel?  Just the other day we were saying if only time travel were possible what would we do and what would we change?  This series kind of brings to life the excitement of time travel but at the same time warns of the dangers that exists if time travel were even remotely possible

4. Young Sheldon – Anyone who likes the Big Bang Theory will like young Sheldon.  Seeing Sheldon in the big bang I wondered a few times about his youth, so when we discovered this series about his life as a child I was more than happy to start watching and I am not disappointed so far 

3.  The Big Bang Theory – I will be honest and say, sometimes I really have no clue what the heck they are talking about with all the science stuff but I can’t help but love them because they are so funny – sometimes without even realizing it haha

2.  Arrow – Oliver Queen, Oliver Queen hmm hmm hmm.  I was introduced to this show somewhat by accident.  It was a crossover episode that I had watched as part of The Flash and decided to head over and watch the first episode to see if it interest me – and interest me it did.  I binged watch that series to four in the morning on a number of days so that I would have caught up with the upcoming season (season 4 at the time) and I have followed since

1.  The Flash – Flashhhhhh…. This has got to be my all time favourite TV Series.  The story went a little “off” a couple of times but the producers always seems to find a way to bring it back on track.  The effects are awesome and the cast is great.  There is action plus some humour mixed in and I love that.

So there you have it.. My top ten TV Series… Choosing this ten was no easy feat because there are soooo many wonderful shows out there.  I am almost certain that when I publish this post something is going to come to mind that I could have included.  But seeing that those were the ten that first came to mind, it means they are ones that create that biggest impact and lasting impression to me as a viewer.

So what are some of your favourtite TV Series??  Let us know in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies




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