I am convinced that my data service is determined to have me miss a few days of this challenge. The recent dropping of the service during the day and at nights is annoying and frustrating to say the least. I stayed up till about eleven last night trying to get something done and nothing.. not one bit of service . But I move on.

I had initially wanted to do this as a daily challenge so that it gives me the opportunity to blog what happened in a particular day. Or to highlight a particular event of emotion of that day. But with the apparent glitches in the service I may have to look into doing a few scheduled posts so as to ensure my daily sharing.

We were told a few months ago that electricity “should” be restored to the entire population by April of this year… so I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that this date is really attainable because quite frankly I am sooooo ready to have electricity back. I am tired of the constant drop in service and the inability to do research when I want to for the kids… I am tired of the constant turning off and on of the generator. .. and i am tired of the purchasing of meat everyday because the refrigerator is not always on and it’s becoming quite exhausting.

But I await patiently!

So we move ahead knowing that there are better days to come and hoping for the best in everything.

Do have a Blessed and Terrific Tuesday.

Until Next Time Lovies


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