Two of the questions I hear most often are “I am natural or going natural, what do I need for my hair? and “what do you use on your hair?”

Now while I am a believer that what may work for me may not necessarily work for someone else, there are a few things that are essential to a natural hair girl’s “stash”.

The number one essential may shock you or may just confirm what you have already started discovering in your journey.

So here are my top eight essentials for a new natural or for someone who already started their journey but wants a little help in going along

8.  A good leave in conditioner – For me the best leave in is water.  But since we may not be able to wet our hair every day, finding the right leave in for our hair is essential.  There are many of them out there and it’s best to choose a water based one. 

7.  A good hair cream – finding the right cream for your hair is essential to ensuring your strands stay soft and manageable.  This cream along with other essentials helps keep strands healthy.

6.  Styling tools – Bobby pins and hair pins are a must. They disappear mysteriously so be sure to have them in huge stock hahaha. A wide tooth comb, a denman brush, hair ties, stockings – yes stockings – they work wonders for those thick puffs.  A spray bottle with water or a mix of water and oils or a conditioner.  A satin scarf.  A rat tail comb. A hair gel. 

5.  A good cleanser – now notice I did not say shampoo… because there are other items that can used for cleansing natural hair apart from regular store cough shampoo. Items like African black soap, Apple cider vinegar and even cleansing co-washes have done great at cleansing and cleaning natural hair.

4.  A good conditioner – and by that I mean a conditioner that works for YOU.. One that you have tried and your hair loves. Ensure that it moisturizes and revives your hair after cleansing.

3.  Oils, oils, oils – you can’t go wrong with oils. There are so many out there but the most popular ones associated with hair growth, shine and overall great for your hair include castor, tea tree, peppermint, olive, coconut, rosemary, almond and jojoba. They each serve a different and unique purpose in your hair journey.

2.  Good diet – I can’t stress this enough.. a healthy diet ensures hair growth and health.  Eating healthy allows for our bodies to provide the right nutrients that our hair needs from the inside.

1.  Patience – you are about to take on a long, and sometimes stressful, journey.  Your hair isn’t going to grow overnight. It takes time and you have to be patient with the process. Love your hair at every stage and know that once it is healthy the rest will fall in line.

So that’s it.  My top eight.  These are things I have used in my own hair journey and have helped in bringing my hair to where it is now.  I will be honest and say that I have yet to purchase a denman brush, not sure why, but from what I have noticed and have been told, it is an essential for our natural kinks and coils and it is already in my basket for my next purchase from amazon.

Are there any other essentials you would recommend for a new natural?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies




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