So we are already beginning the final month of the first quarter of 2018.. wow.. wow

Where is the year flying to?  I feel like it was just Christmas and feel like I just recorded our New Year’s greetings and we are already in March.  To show how much the time crept up on me, my Christmas tree stayed in the living well into February… it was only two weekends ago I finally took it down – Crazy I know hahaha.  But I just felt like it was still the season because time went by so quickly and before I knew it we were in February and now March.

But as we go into this month I am hoping to share a lot more of our healthy hair journey with you all as well as product reviews.  There are a few other good things coming up but will share those with you as they happen.  I finally got the ingredients in order to try out the Curly Proverbz Hair Growth Oil so that should be fun – I hope.

So as we head into yet another month we look back on the month just gone and are thankful for all that we were able to accomplish.  For what we were not able to, we look forward to better days in the coming month as we strive to meet our goals.  So we keep moving forward knowing that the present provides countless opportunities for us to be great.

This month’s manta is “I Can and I Will”.  So as I go into yet another month this reminder will prove most fitting in order to add that extra push to accomplish all that I will set out to accomplish.

What about you Lovies?  Do you have any goals for March?  What did February teach you?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies




4 thoughts on “HELLO MARCH !!

  1. (Don’t know how this particular comment went to your other post lol, so I reposting it again😊).

    It’s so overwhelming how time is flying by so damn fast!😣. I am also trying out Curly Proverbz Ayurveda hair growth oil and hair gloss. So far so good at the moment. The oil is great, my only issue with the Henna gloss is that it changed my hair colour to a light brown, other than that it is amazing!

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