Here I was thinking that January went by quickly, then in comes February to show me who is boss at speedy month.  Did you see how quickly February went?? I mean today is already the last day of the month.   Gosh.. can the year slow down already?

But as we look back on Febraury we remember the moments we shared with you all.  This month saw quite a bit of focus on Natural Hair especially my daughter’s hair.  We started our Friday series that we dub #hairstylefridays where we share a number of hairstyles with you all.  We finally shared Renata’s Hair Story and how she overcame and gave strength to others.  We even shared her very first trim since her journey began and the products that we bought as we go on in our hair health and growth journey this year.

So we can say that this month was a good month for sharing with you all.  The last few days proved to be more hectic than most but we were able to push through.

As we welcome March we go we make new goals for ourselves and for our blogs or channels.

Here’s to another new month and here’s to lots more sharing with you all this month.

What are your goals for march and did you accomplish your goals for February?  Let us know in the comments section below.


Until Next Time Lovies



Author: MumNatural

On a Journey to be the best version of me that I can be. Embracing the natural in and around me and bringing hope to all who need it.

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