Today was exhausting.  I had not driven in sooo long because my vehicle has some issues since Maria and I honestly never had a reason to drive myself anywhere because my routine is pretty basic.  But today I had to drive.  My husband was out so I had to pick up the kids from school pick up lunch for them and take them to their granny’s place.. and gosh what a workout. 

But strangely enough I got home and still found the energy to iron our uniforms for the next two days, and then folded some laundry and put things in place for tomorrow.  Because we just gotta do what we gotta do.

SO after doing all that I picked up the computer to write a post and could not help but really sink in that I made it to four thousand subscribers yesterday on my YouTube Channel..  wow.. wow

When I decided to start YouTube back in 2015, similarly to my blog,  I wanted it to be a medium to reach people and to motivate and inspire.  And slowly but surely it captured so much natural hair related videos because there seemed to always be a request coming in for a video.  And to think I was thinking of not putting out so much content on the channel this year to focus on my blog!!  

Never would I have imagined that I would make it to that many subscribers so quickly because there are so many other channels out there.  But I am thankful and humbled for all who take time out to watch the content that I put out.  The view counts can sometimes be de-motivating but then I remember why I started the channel and remember if what I produce can reach at least one person and touch at least one person, then that’s ok.

So while different from the post I had originally planned to share tonight, this one ifs fitting and is somewhat a #motivationmonday kind of post.  I share this to say that as a blogger, vlogger, youtuber… never feel discouraged.  Always stay true to you and create the content that you are proud to put out there and people will watch, read, support.

Motivation comes from many sources and being able to reach and touch people is one of the motivating factors for me and that’s what keeps me doing what I do… and my passion for it creates an extra drive to make it great.

So keep at it, all good things to those who wait.

Do any of you have YouTube channels as well?  Let us know and share your links in the comments section below

Until Next Time Lovies



Author: MumNatural

On a Journey to be the best version of me that I can be. Embracing the natural in and around me and bringing hope to all who need it.

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