I had never trimmed Renata’s hair before. Maybe it was because I wanted to see the growth or maybe it’s because I did not want her to feel sad about cutting it. But as part of her healthy hair journey this year we had to. I needed to trim about half and inch to an inch because her ends were dead and needed to go.

There is so much that I still have to learn about her hair in order to give it the right care this year. I had not paid much attention to most of those before because I always thought her hair was growing so it’s doing ok. But not really. One of the things I have to get familiar with is that her porosity is sooooo different from mine and needs a different regimen and different products from mine in order for it to thrive, but we will added a that in a later post.

So today we trimmed her hair.  And while she was a bit nervous about it she accepted that it had to be done in order for her hair to remain healthy.  In the end she was a bit troubled about losing some of the length but she knows its for the better.

To see more of her trim, click on the link to the video below.


Have any of you done a trim for the year? and how often do you plan to trim? Let us know in the comments section below.


Until Next Time Lovies



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