So it’s been almost a whole month since the release of Black Panther. And I’m sitting here holding off on watching any reviews and reading any posts because I want to see that movie so badly. But from hearing about the movie’s superific performance in the box office I can only imagine what the reviews are like and how awesome that movie is.  

And if you all read my movies to look forward to post you would know that it brings to two the movies on that list that have already been released and I am yet to see.  Fifty Shades Freed released on Valentines day has yet to make contact with my eyes as well.

But why haven’t I seen those movies you may ask?? Because I live in a country where we do not have the luxury of a movie theatre. So we constantly depend on the boot leg or cam uploads that people may share online in order to catch a glimpse of what any movie was like. And I do mean a I glimpse because watching it online is hardly the same as going to a movie theatre to see it yourself.

We had a cinema once. The movies were shown long past the release date but it was better than nothing, none the less. It has been closed now for at least 10 years (may be more) and to this day I don’t know why.  And each year I sit in anticipation that it may be the year we are given the opportunity to “go to the movies” again.

I want to be able to look forward to seeing a movie on the big screen. I want to be able to dress up when going to see black panther too. I want to be able to do family Sunday movie afternoons with my family away from the house just because we can. I want to be able to just hear the loud effects and be surrounded by the gasps of suspense that some movies bring. I just want to be able to go to a movie theatre. Is that too much to ask for in 2018??

I mean it is 2018, right? I would have hoped that by now someone, somewhere, with the necessary resources would have gotten to plant an awesome theatre here… but no.. not here in this Dominica.

So I sit and wait. I patiently await the day when I will attend the “grand opening” of our very own movie theatre. In the meantime I live off the cam versions of those awesome movies out there in hope that the quality is great too.

What about you all?? Have you all been to see any of the recent movie releases?  Let us know in the comments section below.


Until Next Time Lovies



Author: MumNatural

On a Journey to be the best version of me that I can be. Embracing the natural in and around me and bringing hope to all who need it.

5 thoughts

  1. I’m not a full on movie person, last thing I went to the theatre to watch was jumnaji long after release date. I hate dealing with crowds but going once in awhile is always a good thing. Hopefully once everything is up and running smoothly someone would decide to invest in a cinema there.

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  2. I haven’t been to watch a movie lately, but thankful to have the option. Just my illnesses and a sick child has taken up all my energy lately. I hope we get a cinema back home too. I mean when Lisa told me we didn’t have a cinema, I was like damn. I mean Tichali would go crazy. She goes likes every two weeks. I hope you get to see all the movies on your list soon. 😘😘

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