I was cleaning the other day and came across a journal that I kept a number of years ago.  I started reading through and the more I read the more I smiled.  And the amount of times I saw I had to change pens was a clear demonstration of the amount I would constantly write.

But in reading through those pages I came across the word “travel”.  Now  I am not sure if back then I had gotten it from someone or somewhere but I guess it caught my attention enough to write it in that journal.  That “travel” referred to relationships, and spoke to the basic things needed for a relationship or marriage to be successful.

The break down of the word was as follows . . .

T for trust

R for respect

A for affection

V for vulnerability

E for emotional intimacy

L for laughter

When I came across that word in the journal I just smiled.  And for a few minutes I just pondered on what each letter stood for and could not help but be in total agreement with those as being essential for any relationship to succeed.  So many times we focus on the “big’ things but it is the small, simple things that makes a relationship.

So why not travel a little more in our relationships and in our everyday lives? 

What are your thoughts on “travel”?? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies



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