Now guys if you all read my first haul of 2018 post you would know that I have been on the hunt for the soft n’ silky styling gel for weeks.  And i had honestly given up on chances on ever being able to find it here in Dominica.

So when my sister in law mentioned yesterday that she may have seen the gel at one I the local grocery stores you could imagine my surprise.  She told me she would have gone back to the store today and send me a pic to be sure that the gel she saw is the one I really wanted.  So I kept my fingers tightly crossed.

Then I got the whatsapp message from her today… and there it was… the Soft n’ Silky gel that I had been waiting for. I was at work and screamed out yassss so loudly someone asked what was wrong hahaha.. but my excitement was over the roof.

I had just missed an opportunity to have a friend purchase for me in Trinidad so being able to find it here just a week after was like frosting to my cake.  So you better believe I wasted no time in purchasing.

After work I went directly to the grocery store and saw that the gel came in both a clear and black and in about four different sizes as well.  Now my “grape hands” when I use the gel was my only concern but knowing that it worked well I opted for the black instead.  And the clear one was only in the smaller sizes so that made buying the black one more cost effective. 

So I purchased two of the jars in the 14.5 oz size today but will definitely be going back for more.  And with the EC$10.32 price tag per jar… it’s a win win.  So thanks to J. Astaphans & Co. Ltd for stocking this gel.

I had raved so much about that gel to my sister in law, she could not help but get herself a jar as well, so that she could try it out. So we put her hair in some twists tonight and I am hoping it works for her just as well as it works for me. But she was already loving the feel of the twists and how juicy they looked.

So yayyyyy… here’s to more styles and here’s to testing it out in a bun to see if it sleeks down my edges.

To see my detailed review of this gel you can go to that post here.


Until Next Time Lovies



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