There are days I wake up and wonder if I am truly doing what I love. I mean I make myself happy wherever I am and in whatever I do but there are days, I will be honest, it’s hard… very hard. And it’s on those days when I find myself dragging myself out of bed to get prepared in the morning I ask myself, am I doing what I truly love?

Finding your passion means knowing what sets you on fire. That something that you are excited about and look forward to doing every single day. That something that you never grow tired or weary of. That something that brings you joy the more you do it.

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards something.  I am passionate about writing, so I write. I am passionate about cooking, reading, helping others, so I do those things.  But then I came across this article from which made a few things so clear when thinking about our passion and living it out.

Passion is not something that comes from the mind but from the heart

That line from the article really stood out for me.  So often we think too much, and even overthink at times, and we fail to see what is right there in front of us.  We need not think too much and just let things happen.  That is something I come face to face with everyday – just letting your passion shine through makes it easier to live that passion.  Not thinking it, not forcing it,  not just doing it but living it.  And I have found that it makes it so much easier and just happens naturally.

The article I spoke of above is a really good read and I would encourage you all to have a look at it.  It puts a lot into perspective and makes us look at things in a way we may not have necessarily looked at it before – with heart and not mind.

So what are you passionate about?? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies



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