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It’s Friyayyyyyyyy !!!

I am always excited for a Friday… it’s starts the weekend – which sometimes seems shorter than one day during the week – but I enjoy it anyway. It’s two days to just do my cleaning, washing (both clothing and hair😀), and time to relax and be unwind.

Today’s hairstyles featured the styling of mini twists and an old twist out.

Renata’s hair has been in mini twists all week so today we turned them into an updo. A cornrow to each side, with the back pulled up in one and the front centre pinned in a tuck and pin fashion.


My hair has been in chunky twist-out mode all week. Since I moisturized after doing my wash last weekend I retwisted once and my hair has been out all week. So today I went for an edgy faux hawk.. that ended up being a little curly because of some definition that was still present from the twists.



What styles did you all rock today?? Let us know in the comments section below


Until Next Time Lovies




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