Post Hurricane Maria my hair had become a hot mess.  The hot temperatures following the hurricane as well as not being able to treat the hair the way I would have wanted were factors that added to the “messiness” of my hair.

There were countless days I wanted to cut it all off because I could not have tolerated how dry and brittle it was.  Now if you already read my nursing my hair back to health post you will see much more of it on there.

But over the past three weeks I have noticed something.  I have started putting castor oil back into my hair and I have noticed a change – well more like a revert.  I had run short on the amount of castor oil I had and could not have put it in my hair for the first couple of months post the hurricane.  But I have found that since I topped up my castor oil stock and started putting it into my hair again, it has reverted.  It started to behave again.  

I am able now to go days without moisturizing or even doing anything to my hair at nights and still wake in the morning to soft manageable hair.  I no longer feel the dryness that was once there and I no longer feel the brittleness that was once present.

Could my hair have really missed Castor Oil??  Could it be that the lack my “holy grail” product is what actually caused my hair to feel so damaged??

I am still not sure how to answer those questions because I am still in shock as to how my hair is so well behaved these past few weeks.  And the new leave in added to my hair regimen is also a plus when used with the castor oil.

But I love it.  I feel like my hair is starting to thrive again and I actually feel like styling it again because it feels so much more manageable now.  I am able to feel my hair again and run my hands through it without feeling frustrated or feeling the need to cut it.  I knew that castor oil had always done well on my hair but never realized that it was so so significant.

So I have already set up with my mum to make some oil so as to ensure I have a constant supply.  We were due to make some this past week-end but the rain had other plans.  But as I continue on my hair journey this year I will be sure to let you all know of any updates as time goes by.

What oil (s) is (are) your “Holy Grail” oil(s)?? Lets us know in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies



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