This year I am on a hunt for a leave in conditioner that will replace the Shea Moisture JBCO leave in.  When I started using the jbco leave in, it worked well on my hair, but after the brand’s decision to change up the formula I found that it made my hair more stripped than moisturised so I had to discontinue using it.  I love shea moisture but that line just did not do it for me.

But anyway… In my recent natural hair haul I purchased two leave in conditioners that I want to try in an attempt to find the right one for me.  I started using the Cantu for natural hair leave in conditioning cream and let me tell you all – that leave in is  The softness on my strands was amazingggggg.  And the creamy texture makes it so easy to apply.  The scent is like sweets and I can easily compare the texture and scent  to the Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie.

After just two uses my hair is already in love with that leave in and I can hardly wait to continue using it and seeing how well it does on my hair.  The combination with my castor oil has yielded wonderful, long lasting results so far and I am loving it.  And I also think that my hair may have missed castor oil as well but that’s for another post.

See my video below for more on this review


Have any of you tried this leave in conditioner?  Are there any other leave in conditioners you would recommend?  Let us know in the comments section below.


Until Next Time Lovies



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