A while back I featured my daughter on my “Mane Crush Monday” feature that I had. In that post I promised I would have shared her story and it took a while but here goes.

The year was 2013… and she was three … only three years old. We had seen a few scabs in her scalp and passed it off as normal sores or just bruises from itching the scalp too hard. Boy were we wrong.

Those then small scabs developed into huge sores. And no matter what we tried to ease them nothing worked. We visited the dermatologist for assessment of the condition and were informed that it had been a fungal infection. Now you can well imagine my eyes at this point- they were filled with water. Because there I was looking at my baby girl going through this and I could do nothing to ease her pain. I felt helpless.

We were prescribed one medication after the other and nothing worked. And that went on for weeks. The infection became worse and worse. Trying to comb her hair was painful. Trying to wash it to keep it clean was painful.😭😭. And I cried. The more I saw it the more I cried. But Renata stood strong, she never cried. She would say to me “it hurts so much mummy” but bore the pain like a real champion.

I could not bear to see her in so much pain. And because of the infection she had to stay out of school.  So we brought her to my mum’s place and let me tell you, I have not met any registered nurse who is better than my mum. I think she was destined to be a health practitioner but could not have followed that calling due to circumstances. But that calling still lives in her and is manifested everyday in all our lives.

My mum had gotten a hold of a solution that she treated my daughter’s hair with. And all this time Renata still kept strong 💪💪. She bore the pain for weeks from the discovery of the fungus and she was our hero.

But it was using the solution that made the difference. And it was then, only then, the scalp started to heal. The sores began to dry up one by one. One of the sores had gotten so big that a patch of her hair had totally dropped because when it dried off and when the skin came out it took all the hair with it.

It was at that point we had no choice but to cut her hair.  She had beared the pain so long because she did not want to lose her hair. But we had no choice at this point – the hair had to go. That was the only way to allow her scalp to fully heal.  And that’s when she cried.  That was the only time she cried through the entire ordeal – when we cut her hair.

Feeling uncomfortable to wear her cut to school, I had gotten her a crocheted hat and had explained the situation to the school.


But in no time she took off her hat. She no longer wanted to hide. She no longer felt ashamed. She had embraced her cut and was proud to wear it. She graduated from pre-school in June of that year and wore her gown and cap proudly. She started primary school with her short hair and she loved it.


During the short hair stage of her growth she enjoyed wearing baby curls and flat twists and they were her favourite styles.

To this day, the patch has still not grown out completely and depending on the style, you can still see it. But she calls it “my patch” and is not afraid to show it and never asks me to hide it when I comb her hair.

Let me tell you, I am here with my eyes wet because remembering her experience is not easy. But her experience taught me strength. At her tender age she was able to go through so much and come out victorious in the end and never lost strength and never broke down the whole time.  She would twitch and she would cringe at the pain but bore it and never broke down.

Today her hair has thrived and has grown so much more than I would have expected. She loves it more and more and loves styling it just as much as I do. She hates the long wash days – like every other natural 😂😂 – but loves the results from the wash and loves styling her hair.

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Renata continues to be a strong girl as she grows and as a parent I am proud of that and pray that she continues in that stride as she grows into a beautiful young lady.

Cheers Naturalista Renata – your story has inspired us all.



Until Next Time Lovies



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