For the past few Fridays I have been trying various styles on my hair. Now I am guilty of not sharing those styles because sometimes I get so caught up I forget to take a pic.

But going forward we will share more and will call this post “Hairstyle Fridays”. It will mostly feature photos of our hairstyle for the day for both my daughter and me. So we are hoping that the styles inspire you to try new things with your natural hair.

As the first install we feature baby girl’s hairstyle for the day.  Today I styled her hair in some cute rubber band pom poms for school. It was “come as you like” day today – normally held the Friday leading to the carnival weekend.

So when she told me she wanted to dress up in a princess dress but wear her hair in a style I was super pleased. Even more pleased that we had purchased a wig for her to wear and she chose her hair over the wig – proud moment.

I was just so bombed we did not get the chance to take a few pics with the full outfits because of the rain… but I got some shots of the hair right after combing it so at least I have that to share.

So here goes . . .



Until Next Time Lovies



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