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Hi Lovies…

I wanted to do this so much earlier today but I was experiencing some connection issues.

But better late than never, right?

Today I want us to just talk.  Put a comment below, be it something random, a question, a general comment, anything.  Let’s just take the next day to just talk a bit.  If there is anything you want to ask or anything you would like to see me write about just let me know.

So let’s get a conversation going.

Looking forward to conversing with you all.






10 comments on “LET’S TALK !!

  1. Rhonia Bertrand

    Two questions
    1. What keeps you motivated to do what you do?
    2. On days when you feel that the whole world is on your shoulders, that a dark cloud is over your head or things seem to be going totally wrong… what do you do?

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    • 1. Knowing that what I do may inspire or motivate at least one person everyday
      2. I pray… I have learnt that there is nothing impossible with God and there is no burden he can’t get you through and He always protects us no matter what 😊


      • Rhonia Bertrand

        Believing and trusting in him has helped me. I tell my self no matter the situation he is stronger than any being and there has to be a reason why such is experienced. I try to take every experience as a lesson , which in turn will allow me to help people I come across.

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      • That’s great


  2. Hey girl! I want to know what you think about Cantu products and which ones work best with your hair?

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    • Hi love… I have actually now started using Cantu and started with the leave in conditioner. . But I must say that so far I am really loving it. . I am planning on posting a review this this weekend so you can look out for that


  3. Hello sweetie, I wanted to know, have you ever tried the rice water hair rinse, if you did, for how long, did it work and did you like, if not, would you every try? Thanks so much an clove your idea. Hugssss

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