I came across this poem a while back and was so motivated by it that I had taken up doing a few of them in my day to day. Even going through them now in order to share with you I can’t help but smile.. because even without reading this every day I remember and live by so many of them because they have become a part of me.

This poem, written by Christian Larson, called “I promise myself” has encouraged me to always be myself no matter what and has allowed me to focus on my self growth more and more.  It made me think of “Me” as well as everybody else and not ignore myself while putting the needs of others first.  There are times I do forget a few of them, but I do my best to make at least one promise to myself everyday from these promises.

So today I share this poem with you and hope that it motivates you the way it motivated me . . .



Until Next Time Lovies



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