I can’t even begin to tell you all the amount of times I have attempted this challenge. I found out about this challenge from a friend about three years ago and have been trying to complete it since that year – yes three years!! Disappointing!! .. I know.  I think whenever I had tried, something always came up or I got weary and ended up using from what I had already put in. Easy access to the funds is the worst thing while doing this challenge – lesson well learnt.

But this year I have made up mind to go through with this challenge and try to complete it. Hurricane Maria taught me a lot of things and one those things is that we should always “save for a rainy day” . . . We save, but often times we spend quite a bit so the savings seem meagre.  And don’t ever say you are using some of the savings and will put it back at a later date – that later will most probably never arrive because once it comes out, it is difficult to put back in. Believe me I know !!

So this challenge is called the 52-week money challenge. The challenge requires that you put in weekly amounts representative of that week in the year. See pic below

Image result for MONEY CHALLENGE

The first few weeks go by smoothly and make it seems, you know, easy.  But when the weeks start to increase that’s where the difficulty comes in. Especially on those weeks when it’s close to pay day but not quite yet so you want to try and keep those coins in your wallet haha.  So I will await those weeks in order to determine how successful the challenge is going this time around … but so far so good.

I think I will also incorporate a daily savings with it as well so as to add extra savings to the challenge. This part I won’t keep track of so in the end I will know how much extra I was able to save while not paying particular attention to the amount.

So here’s to a year of savings!

Have any of you ever tried this challenge? What other creative ways have you used to save money?  Will any of you join on this challenge? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies



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