I love trying samples of different products.. that way I am introduced to the wonderful products out there that I may not have even thought about trying before those samples. And often times I go on to purchasing the full size items because I was so impressed. Samples allow for trying a product without having to go through the expense of purchasing the full size and possibly hating it.

So when Walgreens added a sample bag to my recent order I was more than happy to see it. I actually got so excited about it, and not knowing what to expect made it even worse hahaha. Like I said I am sucker for trying out samples.

Opening the bag was fun but also informative. I had gotten to know about products I never even knew about. I even got a chocolate as part of that bag

. . . and I mean who does not love chocolate right?

So this is another area to look at when I shop on walgreens.com… if you all are interested in finding out more about the program click here to read more about it.  

Have any of you tried the Walgreen’s Beauty Enthusiasts?? Let us know in the comments section below


Until Next Time Lovies




ps. this is not a sponsored post

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