We are already almost at the end of the first month of  2018… wowww… the month went by so quickly it almost feels like I was rushing to catch up.  Our local carnival opening was yesterday and soon we head into Easter, then summer… wow…

But today’s post is to say thank you to all of you.. The past few weeks have been so much fun doing the daily blogs but you all have kept me going.   Your comments, likes, shares, interaction, follows and taking time to read what I write has given me the added motivation to keep going.

I sometimes wonder how it has been working out so well so far because there are days I am not sure of what to write then something just comes to me.  And that I am truly happy for because the reason for doing this #project365 challenge was to get back into my writing and it seems to already be paying off – words are coming back to me😊😊 and I love it 

I have also noticed that the recipe and food posts have been very popular among readers so I am happy I decided to add that aspect to the blog this year… there is sooo much more to share because I am a foodie and love cooking – so stay tuned.  To my readers who love the motivational content there is more in store as well.  Not forgetting my natural hair enthusiasts out there, there is lots more in store for our hair journey this year.

So Lovies, thank you all so so much for your support and for joining me on this blogging journey this year.  I look forward to your continued interaction and support.

Love you guys 😚


Until Next Time Lovies



2 thoughts on “THANK YOU ! !

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  2. It’s so overwhelming how time is flying by so damn fast!😣. I am also trying out Curly Proverbz Ayurveda hair growth oil and hair gloss. So far so good at the moment. The oil is great, my only issue with the Henna gloss is that it changed my hair colour to a light brown, other than that it is amazing!


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