I initially did not plan on doing a plan for my hair this year..  I had spent some time on my hair for the past year so I actually wanted to focus more on my daughter’s hair and getting her hair to pack on some more growth .. but my recent trim made me realize that there is so much more that I need to do in order to get my hair back to the way I want it to.  

So both my daughter and I are embarking on a hair growth journey this year and there are a few goals we have to meet in order to achieve that growth.

Some of the goals we are looking to accomplish for the year include:

Protective Styling – I have tried this before but my Hand In Hair Syndrome has made it very difficult to accomplish hahaha.  But this year we will try very hard in order to accomplish this because putting hair in mini twists, for instance, gives the hair and scalp time to just breathe and grow.

Moisturizing – this has got to be the most dreaded part of our hair care to stick to.  Being so tired and drained after a day of work or school makes it difficult to even think about doing a moisturizing session at nights.  But too often we wake up to more difficulty because we did not moisturize the night before.  Moisturizing has its benefits in keeping hair manageable and soft … so that will definitely be taken more seriously this year.

Trimming – clip, clip, clip…. when my hair was relaxed I trimmed my ends every six weeks when I was getting a fresh relaxer and my hair thrived and grew so well.  Now I am not saying that I will trim my hair every six weeks, but my recent discovery of those long split ends and recent trim made me realize that hanging on to dead ends just for length is not healthy.  It is better to have short healthy hair that will eventually grow than to have long damaged hair.  So regular trims will make up our hair goals for the year

Products – This year will see me going back to a few products that I used just after my big chop that worked really well for me and my daughter.  I have also added a few new products that will become part of our hair regimen for the year.  Those products will be shared in a later post

Washing and Treating – It is back to the weekly washing routine for us. .. yes weekly….  When we did weekly washes I found that our hair never had the time to be dry or brittle because we were always putting moisture in.  I also did mid week co-washes so that we keep the hair wet – because whether we admit it or not, water is the best moisture that our natural hair can get – we just have to be sure to keep that moisture in.

So here we have it – our hair goals for 2018.  I am sure as we go along a few more things will come up based on the needs of our hair so we will be sure to share those with you all as time progresses.  But keep tuned for our hair journey as we share more throughout the year.

Have you all set any hair goals for the year??  share with us in the comments section below.

Until Next Time Lovies




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