I constantly remind myself that no matter what happens and what I face I should not lose myself.  I have been tested over and over again and there are times I get close to failing but then there is always that reminder…

Today’s reminder came from a long time friend.  I had gotten frustrated about a few things and I was reminded that I am there for a reason… “those who don’t like you that’s their concern but you have to just continue to do what you do”.

You know sometimes you hear those things but because of the mood you are like “I really did not want to hear that right now” hahahaha… that was me… But then I thought of how right that friend was. ..

I have come so far and have accomplished so much… I have to just remember that no matter where I am I have to do my very best and bloom and shine so that the light will be seen and possibly make a difference.

So I welcome all the thorns that may grow around me… for I know that they are there to make me stronger than I was yesterday and stronger than I am today.   And that no matter how hard they may come at me I will always bloom where I am planted and be the best I can be.


Until Next Time Lovies



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