“In Christ alone my hope is found

He is my light, my strength, my song

This Cornerstone, this solid ground

Firm through the fiercest drought and storm”


I heard that song for the first time a few years ago as part of the Wow Worship album….  back then I liked the song but as I grow year after year I have come to appreciate more and more what the song says and means to me… it has become one of my most powerful  prayer songs…

It’s in Christ alone that all hope is found – when things seem tough and challenging and when despair creeps in, it is in Him we can find all hope.  When weakness seems like the only option it is in Him we find strength.  And when it seems like all is lost it’s in Him we find the most.

“… from life’s first cry to final breathe… Jesus commands my destiny”

So often we make plans but our destiny is commanded by Him.   And the plan He has for us always turns out to be better than the plan we may have had in our minds for ourselves.  Our paths are already chosen through Him and all we have to do is follow where He leads

“… no power of hell… no scheme of man could ever pluck from His hands”

That has got to be one of  my favourite lines in the entire song…   I have personally seen His power first hand and have been through a few schemes of man but have come out victorious through the Grace of the Almighty.  There is no other more powerful than Him and 

In Christ Alone 

This song has become my morning, afternoon, night time, whatever time of the day prayer… wherever I feel I need a boost during the day I just turn it on and I am good.  


What song do you consider one of your most powerful prayer songs? ? Let us know in the comments section below

Until Next Time Lovies


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