Think it still needs a little work and a little tweaking but I am getting there

*       *       *       *       *       *      *

The sun begins to set on yet another day 

Now we take some time to sit, reflect and ponder

Did this day bring us joy and fulfillment in any way

Or was it lost and wasted?. . . . . we still wonder

As it gets lower there is such bright light

And the beauty of the moment … what magnificence to be seen

And as the final rays disappear out of sight

We think of today and what it might have been

As night falls and the sky is lit

The chirping of crickets becomes a night time song

We stay a while and listen for a bit

And somehow can’t help but sing along

Our face is kissed by the cold gentle breeze

As we sit in perfect comfort . . . we are in bliss

The music adds the swaying of the trees

Oh what a moment . . . who dare wants to miss

As night falls we forget all pain and sorrow

Knowing that today presented all it could and in every way

We go sleep . . . till it be ‘morrow

To live, laugh, love and learn on yet another day


 *      *      *      *      *      *      *


Until Next Time Lovies



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