I remember her as a baby like it was yesterday ...









I remember the day I found out I was pregnant I was so worried because about two weeks before I had taken a fall while doing a video shoot at the emerald pool.  But it turned out that she was growing quite nicely and was well … I on the other hand did not have it so easy.  The hospital was like my second home during the first trimester of that second pregnancy. 

I remember being discharged from the hospital one Sunday, went to work the Monday only to end up right back at the hospital the same afternoon.  I was sickkkk … everything I ate came right back up .. my husband would have to make constant stops while driving because nothing stayed down.. my mum and my aunty (my second mother) were my nurses…  they took care of me.   I had gotten so tiny during that time and remember one of my managers saying to me that she thought I would have lost the baby.  

But with the Grace of God I made it through… the first trimester was over and I started glowing…  My doctor even said to me “but Mrs (that’s always what he calls me) you can go at it again after this one man?”  I would chuckle and say to him “but doc you are wicked, it’s in your office I came on some days almost falling, you saw what I went through and you’re telling me I can go at it again!! he responded with a smile “but you bounced back nicely so you will be ok”

But I don’t regret one minute of that pain and frequent stays at the hospital.  Eight years later she is a vibrant, sweet, loving, kind, beautiful girl and I love her more than words can express.  She gives me trouble at times but I love her dearly.  She and my son are my world and as we celebrate another birthday today I thank God for His precious gifts that He has blessed me with.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl… We Love you so much so much

Love you princess. .. may today bring you much joy and may you enjoy to the fullest






Until Next Time Lovies




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