I felt so tired today… not just physically tired,  but mentally . . . I felt drained

Because the past week was tough.  And in the past four months we have been without electricity and water I think this past week-end was the first time I felt frustrated about not having those amenities…  I felt tired of carrying buckets of water from the tanks into the house.  I felt tired of turning the generator off and on and not being able to have my refrigerator on constantly.  I felt tired of purchasing meat every day because I don’t want to buy large quantities for fear of it spoiling..

I just … felt … so tired

I tried hard to keep myself from appearing so tired at work today because I still have customers to serve … but at lunch time I took some time to just reflect and rejuvenate – yes I use every opportunity to settle and return to that positive spirit.

It was in that moment I had reminded myself of how fortunate I was because there are still those who have it much worse than I do.  It was in that moment I remembered that the water I carry from those tanks comes from the rain and that same rain brings pain to others because they have no roof.  It was in that moment I remembered that there are still some with no lights and no generator to fall on for some form of electricity.

Then my heart sank into gratitude… the same gratitude that had been keeping me positive for the last four months since Maria.  And I was not about to let go of that now.  

So I grabbed my bag and headed for the washroom… I slapped my cheeks to wake up my face, put on some mascara to brighten and open my eyes and some lipstick to add colour to my face…. and I walked out of that washroom feeling revived.  Feeling a renewed sense of positivity and gratitude.

I am always thankful for every situation that I am placed in and every challenge I have to face for they always bring about some lesson to learn and I am open to learning those lessons.

So I constantly choose to remain positive no matter what comes my way, because I know that no matter how bad it may seem with me, there is always someone, somewhere, who may have it worse.  And I always choose to remember that . . .

 . . . . in all things . . . give thanks


Positive Mind.

Positive Vibes.

Positive Life.

How did you all spend your Monday Lovies?? And what were you thankful for today? Let us know in the comments section below.


Until Next Time Lovies



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