Now I knew that my hair needed a trim since after Hurricane Maria – I felt it.  The ends were dry, brittle, knotted and no matter what I did they just got back hard and dry.  

I must admit, I put off trimming them because I liked the length *sigh*… I love my long hair and I knew that this trim would require me to lose at least two inches of hair because those ends were extremely damaged.. but you know when we like to hold on to the length right 😢…

But today was my rude awakening …

I had gotten up this morning and was lying in bed with a head ache from last night and for some reason I reached for my hair and started looking at the ends.  And there they were – the single strand knots and those dreaded split ends.  I tried telling myself that those split ends were just two strands of hair that were close together and even tried pulling them apart to further convince myself (bad I know)… but when I came across that one strand with a split end that was about two centinteres long I was convinced.  Yes two centimeters… I cut the strand and measured it to prove myself right …

At that point I knew those ends had to go and they had to go today.  I normally trim my hair based on the moon but today was going to be an exception.  I could not keep my hair that way a day longer much less two weeks.

But my hair was a mess… it was in an afro for work yesterday and due to my headache last night I had not twisted it before bed..  so you can well imagine the matted shrunken mess..

So I parted it down the middle and detangled using water and oil in a spray bottle and placed my hair into eight braids in an attempt to get it to some form of stretch so I could cut off those ends

I left it in the braids for about an hour then the trimming began… I did the first two inches while the braids were still in by cutting off the end of each braid.  

Then I took down the braids to trim further.  But at that point I could not go further because the hair was wet from using the water and oil.  

Then the frustrations began….

I decided to just do a quick cowash so I could head to town to blow out the hair in order to finish trimming… detangling after the co-wash was so frustrating, if I did not love my long hair I would have just cut it all off at that point – I just felt so tired of dealing with those ends and feeling my hair so hard and dry.. *sighs*😧😧

While blow drying the ends were so dry and brittle that it took me forever to finish and my scalp was so sore in the end.  And guess what… when we came back home so that my husband would complete the trim for me he did not feel confident that he would be able to get it done properly … sighhhhhh

But this was what it looked like after the blow out…  


Blown out hair and frustrated look.. sighhhh

So the plan now will be to have my sister complete the cut for me tomorrow and will share the final look with you all in another post.

Have any of you done a trim or cut for the year yet?? Let us know in the comments below.

Until Next Time Lovies



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