Growing up we had gotten accustomed to using a number of local items in our hair.  Things like aloe, coconut oil, hibiscus and castor oil were the main things for healthy hair.  And I look back on those days and remember how my hair was so thick and long in its natural state that way into my high school days I was not able to wash or comb it on my own – my little hands just could not manage.

When I decided to return to my natural hair after having relaxed hair for about fifteen years, castor oil, coconut oil and aloe were automatic products for my hair but I had somehow forgotten about hibiscus and how beneficial it is for healthy hair care as well.

I used it a couple of times during my journey post my big chop but never used it regularly enough to gain the full benefits it offers.  Going to my parent’s house and seeing so many of those beautiful hibiscus flowers on the trees there I decided to take a journey back to my roots.

I took some of the flowers in an attempt to dry them but the cold, moisture and constant rain at home did not allow it.  So I asked my mum to dry some of them at her place.  And let me tell you, when she sent the dried flowers to me today, I swore she had already ground them into the powder.  They were dried to perfection 😍😍


I could hardly wait to start using them so as soon as I got home I made some hibiscus infused oil using the last bit of home-made coconut oil I had left (to be shared in a later post).

But I remember because of the slippery nature of the flower it made the hair soft and manageable and also added beautiful shine and body.  So it is no surprise that naturals now are so into hibiscus for hair care – it offers a wide range of benefits for healthy hair.

Those benefits include:

Strengthens hair and promotes growth

Great for treating dry and itchy scalp

Adds shine

Allows for softer more manageable hair

Makes hair fuller and more bouncy

Now those are some of the benefits that I have personally experienced from using hibiscus in my hair.  I am sure there are many more listed online based on the experience of others.

But this beautiful flower possesses qualities that allows for us to grow beautiful, thick, healthy hair.  I am so happy to get back into using it on my hair … and I know I will definitely see my hair getting back to its thickness as I continue to getting it back to health.

Have any of you used hibiscus in your hair?? what has been your experience?? Let us know in the comments section below

Until Next Time Lovies



Feature Image taken by Joania Jno. Baptiste





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