I love buying lipsticks… and I love buying them in a number of shades… once I like how it looks I will get it. . I may have red or pink but there are so many shades I still get those colours every time I purchase.. I should work on that I know hahaha

So when my sister in law called me today and said “Joanne, my friend brought some lipsticks down from the States  let me know if you want any because they are selling like hot bread”… I was like girlllll you better be sure to stop selling till I see them… but thankfully there were a variety of shades so there was enough.

So after work I stopped off at her place and I looked through the pile she had and wanted one of each of the ten shades she had but settled for six of them… they were L.A  Colors matte in liquid and stick and they looked so beautiful so ofcourse we had to try them on.. And let me tell you all. . Major poppage on those lips…  But I had to keepwipes handy because those colours stay on

I even put one to test when I tried them on and had an “ice pop” to see how it held up and I was shooooook …. when I looked in the mirror and saw it was the same as when I applied it…. girlllllllll !!! you better come through L.A Colors.

So I waited to get home in order to take well lit pics to share with you all so that you could see the beauty of the colours … so I am hoping you are able to see them






















I absolutely love these new lippies… Tantalize being my favourite of them all.  They go on smooth and stay matte without that drying feeling.  And from the test this afternoon I would say that they seem to be long lasting as well.

Which of them is your favourite??  And have you try any of L.A Colors Matte Lipsticks??  Let us know in the comments section below


Until Next Time Lovies





Author: MumNatural

On a Journey to be the best version of me that I can be. Embracing the natural in and around me and bringing hope to all who need it.

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