I was a little moody today after work.. just a little… and during my short mood stints I like cooking and trying something I have not tried before in order to get my mind off and forget about the mood.  The kids and I have been talking about making corn dogs for the longest time and I never got around to it.  So stepping into the supermarket and seeing the cornmeal, I thought to myself “tonight is going to be a corn dogs night“.

I remember seeing, and saving, a clip on Facebook which included the batter for the corn dogs.  So following that recipe we made the batter. (see recipe below)


Corn dog batter

Now we used chicken sausages and placed them on skewers and tried to coat them with the batter.  That was the hard part.  We filled up a glass with some of the batter thinking that we would just dip it to coat, but the sausages came out clean.  I dipped until I got one to be somewhat coated then fried it but that was a fail – an epic fail my daughter and I called it hahahaha. 


But we were not about to give up.

I poured out the batter from the glass onto a flat plate.  We then cut each of the sausages in half and first coat it with a small amount of flour then coat with the batter.  But that proved a bit difficult as well since the flour made it even more smooth and just put the batter in place rather than coat the sausage.  



So we settled for coating with a spoon and that seemed to do the trick.



We then deep fried till golden brown and enjoyed with some mustard and ketchup.



Let me tell you, those things went off that plate like hot bread leaves a bakery haha.  So I would consider our first attempt at corn dogs a success.


Corn Dogs Batter Recipe

1 ¼ cups Flour

2 cups yellow corn meal

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tbsp salt

¼ sugar

2 cups milk

1 egg, beaten

1 tbsp oil

Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl.  Then add wet ingredients one at time and stir to combine.  Dip sausage in batter, deep fry and enjoy.


Have you tried making corn dogs before?? Let us know in the comments section below.


Until Next Time Lovies




  1. Lol..this is interesting. I’ve never made corndogs before but my kids always wanted us to try it, with this recipe I’ll definitely give a try.. I like how you didn’t give up coating the dogs.. it’s something that I like very much so I’m definitely gonna try. 😊 Keep the blogs coming 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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